Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Coastal Scents review (6 contour blush + Camo quad) ♡

I purchased these two products from Coastal Scents a couple of days ago and I wanted to do a quick review for you. Coastal Scents offers great quality makeup for really cheap prices which is absolutely fantastic. I've purchased from them around 5-7 times and every single time i've gotten my stuff in less than a week, so the shipping is really fast.

Heres what the two products look like! The packaging isn't crazy amazing quality but its drug store makeup quality which is still really nice. The reason I like Coastal Scents so much is because if you're beginning in makeup or just want to extend your collection since their products are fairly cheap you can try things out - like a contour palette that you would find at Sephora for around $60+.

The display is absolutely stunning! I could look at the Contour palette for hours, its so beautiful! Nothing came broken or cracked, which I'm always scared of. The colors I mainly bought this palette for is the highlight colors. When you have acne scars and acne wearing a highlighter can be tough because most have glitter/shimmer in them which can make your acne stand out more. All of these colors are 100% matte which is my favorite. I don't really like shimmer on my face. 

And here are some swatches of the colors (in order of how they appear in the palette) The first pink shade in the top row actually reminds me of a Nars blush that I use every single day! I'm really excited about all of them because they're all really pigmented and would look amazing on a ton of different skin tones. All of the shades besides the pink ones could be used as beautiful shadows, too!

Right now i'm using the Studio fix concealer from mac and i've been wanting to try out some new concealers because honestly i'm just bored of that one and I don't really fancy mac as much as I used to. I chose this camo quad because it has four different colors you can mix together to create the perfect shade for your skin. I got mine in medium, I wasn't sure if I needed medium or light and i'm pretty glad I got medium because I feel like it fits my skin tone really well and with summer coming up i'm probably going to get a little darker. All the colors blend really well but the white was a little harder to blend out. Once it did blend, it was so pretty! It would look amazing blended out into the inner corners or even under the eyes to contour. 

I'm absolutely in love with my Contour palette and Camo quad. I'm really excited to start using them and show you all what they look like! Coastal Scents is having a sale right now on all their palettes I believe so if you've ever wanted some good quality shadows or blushes nows the time! Let me know if you plan on purchasing anything from Coastal Scents so we can gush over it together. 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Modcloth stylish surprise ♡

Every once in a while Modcloth sells surprise boxes in which you give them your size and they send you something completely random! The price is $10 and you can receive something worth up to $500. I've never bought one before because I was scared but I think from now on i'm going to buy them! I spent $25 dollars for both boxes.

I absolutely love these boots! For $10 it couldn't get any better. I want to change the shoelaces out to something ribbon like. I personally think they would be a lot cuter that way. I own brown boots like this already, but these are so chunky and kind of have a platform so its wonderful. I love the scalloping on the bottom, too~ I'm not sure how much these shoes were worth originally, but they're really nice quality! i'd guess around $50-70.

Next thing I got was this multicolored dress. I don't like it at all and its a couple sizes too big for me, so its pretty disappointing. I'll probably end up donating it! Its really great quality and looks retro. I'm happy I got at least one thing I liked in my order because other people weren't very happy. I can't wait for modcloth to sell more stylish surprises!

Friday, March 28, 2014

How to repair damaged hair ♡

Having dry, damaged hair is seriously such a drag and i've dyed my hair so many different colors in the past few years and I haven't cut it at all for about three years so I know some really great ways to keep it looking and feeling amazing! The products i'm going to talk about are products you can pick up at the drug store. These are my favorite drug store remedies.

Aussie is a great choice because its actually really cheap and it comes with a lot of product. You can find it pretty much everywhere. Nexxus is a little more expensive and comes with less product, but it will work WONDERS on your hair. Whenever I bleach my hair I use this and it brings it back to normal. Coconut oil Is the most natural and clean way to bring your hair back to health. It's actually said to help your hair grow faster, too! Although coconut oil can be a bit messy.

Now that you have some great products to work with, let me tell you the methods i use with them. Once a week I deep condition my hair (I usually do this over the weekend) I get the conditioner i'm using at the time and drench it all over my hair, put it up in a bun, put a shower cap on and sleep with conditioner in my hair. When I wake up, I wash it out with cold water and allow my hair to air dry. Whenever I do this my hair feels like natural hair thats never been dyed and its lovely! If you have the time I really recommend trying it out, it will change your hair. If you have a blowdryer you could also apply heat to your conditioned hair while its in the shower cap.
If your hair is extremely damaged you might want to stop using heat on your hair. Allow it to air dry and don't use styling tools. Brushing your hair while its wet can also damage it more since your hair is more sensitive when its wet. Remember that sometimes hair is damaged beyond fixing. Consider getting a trim. I know that if you're trying to grow your hair out you might not want that but if you have really bad spit ends its going to keep splitting and your hair is going to keep breaking and the growth won't show.
Sleeping on a Silky pillowcase can also improve your hair TONS because it isn't rough against your hair. If you have curly hair or hair thats really frizzy, sleeping on a silky pillowcase will help it SO much. I have frizzy curly hair so I would know.

Using these methods will help your hair out so much, it willl thank you! Scouts honor ^__^ xo

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Too faced size queen mascara review ♡

I bought this mascara the other day on a whim because I rarely ever use high end mascaras and I had high hopes for this one! I usually use Cover girl's Lash blast and i've been using it for well over 5 years, honestly. The Too faced Size Queen mascara was $19 which is a pretty hefty price tag for a mascara.

The first thing I noticed is how huge the wand is! Its the biggest wand i've ever used and at first I thought it would be difficult to use and it would get messy but honestly its actually really easy to use and the product is spread across it evenly so it doesn't get everywhere. Since its larger it applies it faster too.

Heres how big it is compared to the Mega Plush volume express mascara! Its basically twice the size.   The Size Queen mascara isn't water proof which is perfect for me because I never use waterproof mascaras. I actually find that they make my lashes hurt (does that happen to anyone else?) and its just a pain to take off. I actually really adore this mascara because it was so easy and fast to put on! I barely put a couple of coats on and it already made my lashes look amazing. 

I took this picture after applying three coats of the Size Queen!  I wore it to work and my lashes didn't flake or droop all day. 19$ is pretty expensive but ill definitely be repurchasing this product. I tend to wear two or even three mascaras a day so i'm hoping it won't run out very quickly. I like this mascara tons more than the popular "they're real" Mascara by benefit. I know its a weird thing to say, but I feel like that mascara is really harsh on the lashes (it made mine hurt and I saw more falling out when I used that mascara) and the Size queen is a softer formula. This is going to be my go to product for a while, I can tell.

Tell me what your favorite mascara is down in the comments because I love trying new products!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Daiso Haul ♡

I went to the brand new Daiso that opened up in San Diego on the day of its grand opening and it was so freaking packed! I've always wanted to go to Daiso because everyone on the internet always talks about all the cool stuff they have there so obviously I was crazy excited to go shopping there. Everything is $1.50 so it's easy to buy a ton of stuff and not spend crazy amounts of money.

The thing I was most excited about was these adorable pots I found to put my cacti in! I've been looking for some new pots and these are perfect. Pretty amazing quality too. The store was really packed the day that I went so I didn't really get to look at everything so i'm planning to go back sometime soon! Here in San diego we have a couple of stores that sell the same things as Daiso but it doesn't have the same wide selection. 

I fell in love with this floral trashcan because it matches my room so well and florals are my absolute favorite if you can't tell already. I was hesitant to put up this small little haul but a lot of you seemed interested in seeing the little things I got from Daiso and some examples of the things they sell there. Right now i'm really loving their hair accessories (seen in the first photo) I adore the bow with the hair tie attached because its so easy to just throw on! Once I go back to Daiso I'll make another updated haul xoxo

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Circle lenses review from Lenscircle.com ♡

Lenscircle offered to send me some circle lenses to review for you guys and I said yes, i've been interested in circle lenses for quite a while now but whenever I would purchase them I would never ever take care of them like you're supposed to and they would end up lasting about a week or so and i'd throw them away. This time I took care of them properly and I love them! This is the color I chose. I wanted it to look as natural as possible while still lightening my eye color.  

This is the little glass case they came in and once I took them out of here I put changed the solution out and used biotrue which is the contact lens solution I used and waited 24 hours. Once I put them in they were really comfortable! I've tried some circle lenses before that have hurt and just felt really drying and these were just perfect!

It took about a week and a half to get to me which isn't bad at all and they even included a little pouch  and a case for my contacts! I would definitely purchase from them because these were so comfy and arrived relatively quickly!

Heres what they look like on, sorry they aren't the best photos but you can get a feel of it. They don't look fake or anything, they do make you look and feel like a doll though!